When I think about my yoga journey my first thought is always of Michaela.  I am beyond blessed to have her as my teacher.  She truly epitomizes the true meaning of yoga.  Her dedication to her students and her practice runs deep within her soul.  You can feel it, it's not just a "yoga class".  She wants everyone in the room to benefit from everything that comes with the practice.  I wholeheartedly believe that yoga and Michaela came into my life exactly when I needed them most.  Because of the amazing foundation that she instilled in me I will never stop practicing yoga, as it has become a way of life for me and saved me from myself during a very difficult time.  I admire her continued desire to always keep learning.  She continuously attends workshops and learns from her teachers to share with us all.   When she returns from them her enthusiasm is contagious and uplifting.  If you have not practiced with her, do it!  You will not be disappointed.  You will be better for it.  Namaste, Jen


 I have learned so much from you, how to take a deep breath and let it go!! You are an amazing teacher we are so lucky ton have you as a teacher., Iona


Michaela is a wonderful instructor.  Our yoga sessions have only been for a year, and during this time period I have had issues with my left hip, and finally had surgery to remove tears in the labrum and a very nasty inflammation in that area due to many personal issues in my family.  During this whole period of time Michaela worked with me, showing great care in trying to help the hip situation and once I had the surgery, again working with me to get my strength back and trying to get all the muscles stretched and working again.  There were issues with my back stemming from my protecting the left hip.  Her expertise, patience and kindness was beyond belief.  She will push you, but not over do, she will encourage you and be there for you.  I was so lucky to have Michaela., Linda


        I love practicing yoga with your guidance because you always accept me exactly where I am. Your spirit is open and disciplined. That is to say that you are welcoming to all of us in whatever state we arrive in, but you model a consistent practice that I and many admire. You model a gentle way of being that makes your classes a pleasure and even when you challenge us in poses we may not excel at you help us accept our own self gracefully. The classes are well thought out and the readings at the end are thoughtful and beautiful.
   Michaela makes moments more meaningful through mindful movements. I marvel at my yoga master.
    Thank you for continuing your teaching.

Love and appreciation


 I have always enjoyed practicing with you and especially enjoyed your Jivamukti classes.  You were inspirational when you came to our teacher training 2+ years ago to introduce us to Jivamukti. Since I have become a yoga teacher myself, I fully understand and appreciate the commitment it takes to inspire, teach and share knowledge with others.  You are a true ambassador to the art and practice of yoga.

Hari Om Tat Sat,
Catherine “Lalitha“


Michaela gave me so much hope when I was gravely ill with Lyme disease several years ago. I could hardly participate in yoga, but Michaela came to me house weekly to help me fight through depression and pain. Her continuous encouragement was very inspiring.  Michaela taught me yoga.  Despite my weakened physical condition, she continued to encourage me to working on getting in better shape and fight off my disease. She has a special spiritual affect when she teaches yoga. I am thankful for my friendship with Michaela and I know I healed more readily due to her determination to help me find my way back to better health.
Thanks, Susan


Initially intimidated at the thought of starting Yoga at an older age, I found your lessons to be a beautiful, soft launch into a new world. When consistent in practicing what I have learned, my mind calms, my artwork improves and I gain flexibility across all dimensions of my life. I have become a better rider too -- better balanced, quieter, centered, and more connected. Thank you! Jennifer


Dear Michaela,I can say you have had a very lovely, strong and positive influence on me.  First, your way of being, kind, soft, dignified, brings out good all around you.  I like that.  I think of that as a mystical influence.  And then there are the pieces that add to this lofty mystical magic.
When I started to practice yoga with you I remember telling you I didn't know if my arms were in a straight line because I couldn't see them.  Over time I have learned that I can "feel" as well as "see", I have learned so much about the wholeness that is me. I have learned that our practice is a process, imperfect is ok. I revel in smooth and even movement and breath.  I love knowing all sides of my foot and that one tiny adjustment in a foot changes things very far from that foot, like a hip angle!  
My journey with you is one I like very much!
Thank you!


Until health issues caused me to suspend my practice, I enormously enjoyed the classes Michaela. Her instruction is clear and she paid particular attentive to proper form to prevent injury. Classes were a combination yoga practice and calming/energizing treatment! We are fortunate to have her in this area.,Anne


I've been practicing with Michaela for about four years, and I think it's been a wonderful experience. I always feel energized and composed after our sessions, and it really carries through the rest of my day. Michaela is truly a teacher, managing to make the hour feel like a mini-retreat, while still getting all the "work" done. Cheers!, for lovely tangible and intangible benefits. Namaste


I’m always excited to attend Michaela’s yoga classes. I find them deeply relaxing for my mind and strengthening for my body. But there is something else special- Michaela. She is warm and genuine, a rare commodity in a world where everyone does “yoga".     Nelina